Hypnosis for trouble sleeping

  • Are you having trouble falling asleep?
  • Are you waking up during the night or too early in the morning?
  • Are you feeling tired throughout the day?

A large percentage of Americans are feeling this way and with our increased technology, increased demands at work and at home and without proper and sufficient periods for rest or respite, we are putting ourselves into an unhealthy and damaging cycle.

Sleep, along with proper nutrition, movement, relaxation, fun time and healthy lifestyle choices, are essential to a healthy mind, body and spirit, which we all want to attain.

Hypnosis helps with insomnia and in improving sleep habits (sleep hygiene).

The theta brain-wave state of a hypnotic ‘trance’ is the same state as ‘twilight reverie,’ those moments right before falling asleep or the first waking moments in the morning. In this theta brain-wave state, the subconscious is open to receiving positive suggestions that can help to change habits and attitudes and stay in effect long after the hypnosis session is completed.

Lack of proper and restful sleep is shown to cause all types of emotional, mental, physical and even, spiritual challenges and problems. There is a decreased ability to function well at home and at work and it causes strain on relationships and a generally decreased joy and pleasure for life.

Hypnosis, along with coaching, for conscious tips, tools and techniques for better sleep and relaxation, will teach you how to get more restful and more refreshing sleep, so vital for a happy, healthy and joyful life!

To your health!

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