Weight Loss / Weight Maintenance

Weight Loss SolutionsMost people can, have and will lose weight. They do this with ‘diets’ of all kinds. Some keep the weight off. Most gain it back and sometimes, even more. The challenge is keeping the weight off by changing your thinking and attitudes toward food and your body.

As the daughter of French parents, I feel that diets equal deprivation, and who likes being deprived? Not me; not you. This feeling of lack is not satisfactory to the subconscious part of the mind. This oftentimes starts a cycle of weight gain and loss, wreaking havoc on your mind, body and spirit.

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to change your ‘old’ habits and attitudes, so that you do not depend on willpower alone, which is often ineffective.

You can lose weight, change negative eating patterns and attitudes to positive ones and learn how to maintain the weight loss.

What Keeps You Overweight?

There are several real reasons why most folks overeat and stay overweight, real physical and medical issues aside. First of all, it is important to check with your physician to see if there is a metabolic, thyroid or other medical problem that may be interfering with weight loss. Most of the time, medical reasons are not causing weight gain.

Some of the more common reasons that people get and/or stay overweight are:

  1. Food is a reward and/or to entertain themselves. Often, this relationship with food is established in childhood, when you may have been rewarded with cookies or other goodies when you behaved well or when you ate all your vegetables. So, food becomes a reward for behavior or for special occasions and circumstances.
  2. Food is a substitute for love that may have been missing in your life. Comfort foods may fill the empty places in your life and body.
  3. Food to replace boredom or to fill emotions, such as anger, anxiety or disappointment.
  4. Food as protection. Sometimes, people keep on additional weight to keep others away. This can happen with childhood abuse or fear of vulnerability.
  5. Food for energy. If/when your diet or way of eating, lacks necessary and sufficient nutrition, this may lead to lowered energy and fatigue. People will snack to offset this ‘low’ and to feel ‘up’. What they do need is proper nutrition, a healthy, active lifestyle, adequate sleep and a healthy relationship to food, eating and their body.

Along with hypnosis, life coaching may be of additional value in helping you to maintain your new and healthy lifestyle of proper eating, adequate sleeping and movement and/or exercise.

To your health!

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