Overcoming Fears and Phobias

Fears of all kinds exist and everybody has them. This is one of the things we have in common as human beings.

Some common fears are: public speaking, still considered the #1 fear in the USA, flying, driving, heights, spiders and darkness. Other fears include: fear of failure, success, risk, claustrophobia, blood, death and the unknown. There are certainly others and they can vary in intensity and duration.

Since many of these fears are irrational to the conscious part of the mind, it is apparent that the beliefs in the subconscious are causing these fears.

Hypnosis helps to access and change these fears and beliefs and help bring them into conscious awareness.


Fear is not bad!

Fear can be a valuable tool for survival. It allows people to be more careful and alert, to prepare and plan better and to avoid dangerous situations. A fear becomes a challenge when it interferes and disrupts your daily life and functioning. Since these fears often remain out of conscious awareness, hypnosis helps you to access the subconscious to change and/or eliminate these fears.

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