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The first session begins with a detailed history, assessment and discussion, to understand your patterns and ways of being and behaving.

Privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

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I have worked as a psychologist for many years and am in ‘mid-career’ and ‘mid-life’. I love my family and my profession. However, many sectors of my life were being neglected and I was staring at unfulfilled dreams, even in my work. What a scary thing! I wanted to have more time to be with my child and I wanted to make the most of life before it slips away.I found my coach, Gigi and I learned the process of reaching for change in a deliberate and sane way. With Gigi, I found the courage and support to identify what is really important to me, to pursue goals I thought were out of reach and to confront barriers that have been there all my life. With Gigi, I learned to ‘think outside the box.’ I let go of hindrances that I thought provided me financial safety. Now, I create my own security without the old “blankies.”

The saga continues and I am on the road toward lifelong evaluation of what I want to do and living the way I want to live. I’m not in “mid-career” or “mid-life”; I’m just starting. And there is no going back. Thank you Gigi!

Dr. M.L., Upper West Side, NYC


The first session begins with assessments, exercises, questioning and discussion. Life coaching is an action and results-oriented way to get clarity in your life, take action and have what you desire and dream of.

Rates & Packages

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Before working with Gigi, I was living a “full” life. After working with her and benefiting from her remarkable Life Coach skills, I am living a “fulfilled life.” Through her incredible insight and encouragement, I was able to work through many emotional obstacles that were blocking my way to moving forward in life. With Gigi’s guidance, I was taught the skills I needed to feel empowered to work through future fears as well. She has both a professional and personal innate ability to help you truly help yourself. One of the best ‘gifts’ I have ever given myself was the decision to work with Gigi!

Carol T., Livingston, NJ
(Stay-at-home mom now going to graduate school to become a licensed counselor)

Custom packages, including a combination of hypnosis and coaching sessions, can be created upon request. Please inquire.

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Dr. Gigi Arnaud is an accomplished speaker who would be an asset as the presenter for your next workshop, seminar, or event.

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Dr. Gigi Arnaud provides life coaching and hypnosis services for Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, and the greater NYC (New York City) and NJ (New Jersey) area. She also offers the convenience of coaching by phone.