Embrace Your Health

Food, good eating habits, body movement and the connection of your mind, body and spirit are vital to your good health. Learning how to reduce and manage stress and ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep, are also critical.

Food is such a delicious part of your life. You want food to work for you, as fuel or energy for your body, and with you, learning how to love, respect and appreciate your body.

Being the daughter of French parents, I learned at an early age how to savor food and balance it, so that my body works at its full strength and capacity. I also understood the ‘sensual’ pleasure of food, which means utilizing all your senses: seeing, tasting, hearing, smelling and touching.

My family also taught me that I should feel comfortable, natural and ‘at home’ in my body, even if it wasn’t the ‘ideal’.

Eating well and with appreciation, moving (in the form of exercise, yoga, dance, etc.) and staying in tune with your body; physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally and even, spiritually, is what it’s all about!

Health comes first; everything else comes after. I was taught to care for all parts of my health, and I’d like to help you help yourself to do the same.

See my Work with Me page to find out how I can help you embrace all aspects of your health.